DOOM E3 UAC Level Single Player Video

A good length of video (Below 8:00 long) from E3 showing the doomguy progressing through a UAC base using a large selection of weapons.

Some other points about the video

  • Animation to show HUD as part of helmet
  • Double Jump
  • Power suit
  • Shotgun / super shotgun
  • Plasma Gun
  • Assault rifle
  • Foundry style level (steel works)
  • Teleporting enemies
  • Vaulting enemies and player
  • Gibbing possible (gibs)
  • Melee finishers
  • Player death animations
  • Revenant enemy
  • Exploding barrels
  • Loot dropping from kills
  • Normal pickups as well (Armour, Health, Ammo)
  • Weapon wheel slows time
  • Industrial style music during fights
  • Chainsaw (Has a few different animations for kills)
  • Imps
  • Simple puzzles

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